the study

The Australian population is rapidly ageing, with more than 3.2 million Australians now aged 65 years and older. There is currently little known about the health and well-being of older LGBTI Australians. We therefore developed Rainbow Ageing, a national study of the health and well-being of LGBTI Australians aged 60 years and older. The study will help to build the evidence that health and support services need to deliver better services and to promote healthier and happier ageing for those who identify as LGBTI.

the aims

This project aims to: 1) build the first national evidence base on the health and well-being of older LGBTI Australians and 2) utilise this information to stimulate and guide reforms to policy and service provision.

the research team

Associate Professor Anthony Lyons

La Trobe University

Dr Catherine Barrett

Alice's Garage

Professor Victor Minichiello

La Trobe University/University of New England

Professor Mark Hughes

Southern Cross University

Professor Karen Fredriksen-Goldsen

University of Washington

Dr Andrea Waling

La Trobe University

Dr Beatrice Alba

La Trobe University